Log analysis tools

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Company/institute Product type Product name if relevant URL
Maximized Software Log file analyser http://www.maximized.com
Active Concepts Log file analyser/ user profiler http://www.activeconcepts.com
Marketwave Web mining and traffic analysis http://www.marketwave.com
Ilux Log analysis and visitor targeting http://www.ilux.com
Microsoft Load generator InetLoad http://www.microsoft.com/mind/0698/stress.htm
Open Door Networks Real-time logfile montoring LogDoor http://www.opendoor.com
Albedo Systems   Log file analysis LogSite http://www.albedo.co.uk
People Network Server monitoring and protocol analysis NetHound http://www.people-network.com
WebManage Log file analysis NetIntellect, Linkbot http://www.webmanage.com
Insanely Great Software Log file analysis NetStats Pro http://www.isgnet.com
Know-It Software Log file analysis WebTrak http://www.know-it.com
MediaHouse Software Log file analysis, aggregated over the LAN Statistics Server http://www.mediahouse.com/menus/frame.htm
Heid, Landmann, und Partner Log file analyser WebSuccess http://www.websuccess.de
WebTrends Log file analyser http://www.webtrends.com
Expertise Software Log file analyser XCavate http://www.exsoft.com
Accrue Software Real-time log file analyser http://www.accrue.com
Andromedia User profiling and log file analysis Aria http://www.andromedia.com
Mercury Interactive Web troubleshooting, user profiling Astra http://www.merc-int.com
Midnight Networks Automatic network testing, web server load testing AvalancheWeb http://www.midnight.com
Aquas Java-based remote log analysis Bazaar Analyzer http://www.aquas.com
Everyware Database-integrated logfile analyzer and user profiler Bolero http://www.everyware.com
WRQ Log file analyser that looks through caches and proxies Express PageMeter http://www.pagemeter.com
Freshwater Software Remote web site monitoring SiteSeer

Site Scope

Keynote Systems Performance monitoring service for web servers Keynote perspective http://www.keynote.com
Lariat Software Monitoring and analysis for streaming media http://www.lariat.com
Neoglyphics Log file analysis Neostat http://www.neostats.com
Net Genesis Log file analysis Net analysis http://www.netgen.com
I-Pro Log file analysis, user profiling http://www.ipro.com
Media Metrix Measures web usage http://www.mediametrix.com
Sane Solutions Tracks web usage Net Tracker http://www.sane.com
W3.com Personalised web service, visitor profiling PWS http://www.w3.com
Flowerfire Log file analysis Sawmill http://www.flowerfire.com
Netrics Log file, proxy file reports Surf Report, Proxy report http://www.netrics.com
IBM Log file analysis, user profiling SurfAid http://netmining.dfw.ibm.com/
UW Software Log file analysis, user profiling, monitoring Uwebmon http://www.uwsoftware.co.uk
Cambridge Quality Management Log file analysis WebTracker http://www.cqminc.com
Interlogue Oracle-based analysis tool Whirl http://www.interlogue.com
NUA Assembles survey information, conducts own analysis http://www.nua.ie