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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Test this tracker Ralph Swick 2018-03-07
ACTION-2 (edit) open Work with plh and rs on positioning of fast checklist Judy Brewer 2018-03-07
ACTION-3 (edit) open Talk with philippe about respec output as epub Judy Brewer 2018-04-18
ACTION-4 (edit) open Follow up with george and tzviya on publishing bg strategy for iso Judy Brewer 2018-04-18
ACTION-5 (edit) open And george discuss niso accessibility Judy Brewer 2018-04-18
ACTION-6 (edit) open Check calendar and try to offer alternate times Judy Brewer 2018-06-13
ACTION-7 (edit) open Follow up with eowg by email about accessibility cgs in cc to wai cc Judy Brewer 2018-06-13
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Talk with shawn about adding a wcag 2.1/vpat 2.1 difference clarification to the w3c wcag faq Judy Brewer 2018-06-27
ACTION-9 (edit) open Follow up with ab on gh issues with visability of cg activity and proper ip attribution Tzviya Siegman 2018-08-08
ACTION-10 (edit) open Follow up with systems team about cg captcha problem Judy Brewer 2018-08-08
ACTION-11 (edit) open Discuss with ralph the issue about discoverability of cg resources Michael Cooper 2018-08-08
ACTION-12 (edit) open Announce w3c workshops that have any accessibility relevance, and-or coordinate with katie to do so Judy Brewer 2018-09-19
ACTION-13 (edit) open Tighten wiki, activity -- see github tooling -- last looked at date -- a11y liason name Janina Sajka 2018-10-03
ACTION-14 (edit) open Follow up with ralph Michael Cooper 2019-05-15
ACTION-15 (edit) open Bring back an agenda item on normative reference to respositories after tpac Judy Brewer 2021-09-29

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