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Guideline 1.11

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Guideline 1.11 (former 3.13) Provide element information.

1.11.1 (former 3.13.2) Extended Link Information:

The following information is provided for each link (Level AAA) :

  • link title,
  • technology type (of the linked Web resource)
  • internal/external: (whether the link is internal to the resource e.g., the link is to a target in the same Web page)

1.11.2 (was 2.7.2) Access Relationships

2.7.2 (former 4.7.3) Access Relationships: The user can access explicitly-defined relationships based on the user's position in content (e.g., show form control's label, show label's form control, show a cell's table headers). (Level A)


Some users have difficulty perceiving, remembering, or understand the relationships between elements and their contexts. HTML controls and elements are sometimes grouped together to make up a composite control; certain elements relate to others in a recognizable manner, such as relationships with 'id' attributes and child elements. This is the case with Ajax widgets and with form elements. By making sure the user can be informed about these relationships means that, say, visually disabled users can better understand these relationships even if the elements are not adjacent on the screen or the DOM.


John has low vision and uses a screen magnifier to access his Browser. When interacting with tables and spreadsheets John has to move the viewport of the magnifier to understand the row and column titles of the cell with which he is interacting. This takes additional time and effort and is therefore frustrating. John has just purchased a new Browser because it presents the row and column titles when he hovers over a cell - this makes him much more productive at his accounting job.

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