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Base Background

The base background is the background of the content as a whole, such that no content may be layered behind it. In graphics applications, the base background is often referred to as the canvas.

blinking text

JR: text whose visual rendering turns on and off 0.5 times per second or more.

PP: text whose visual rendering alternates between visible and invisible at any rate of change.


need a definition

Web content technology

JR: mechanism for encoding instructions to be rendered, played or executed by user agents

NOTE 1: As used in these guidelines "Web Technology" and the word "technology" (when used alone) both refer to Web Content Technologies.

NOTE 2: Web Content technologies may include markup languages, data formats, or programming languages that authors may use alone or in combination to create end-user experiences that range from static Web pages to multimedia presentations to dynamic Web applications.

EXAMPLE: Some common examples of Web content technologies include HTML, CSS, SVG, PNG, PDF, Flash, and JavaScript"


need updated definition include xml content

Render Natively

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