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UAAG 2.0 Structure "Sandbox"

Under construction...

A. Make the user agent user interface accessible

B: Enhance access to the Web content

Proposal in

PART A: Make the user agent user interface accessible. [ie. "Chrome"]

PART B: Enhance the accessibility of rendered content.

UAAG 1.0 Structure

1. Support input and output device-independence

2. Ensure user access to all content

3. Allow configuration not to render some content that may reduce accessibility

4. Ensure user control of rendering

5. Ensure user control of user interface behavior

6. Implement interoperable application programming interfaces

7. Observe operating environment conventions

8. Implement specifications that benefit accessibility

9. Provide navigation mechanisms

10. Orient the user

11. Allow configuration and customization

12. Provide accessible user agent documentation and help