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1.2 Activate event handlers (P1)

  1. Allow the user to activate, through keyboard input alone, all input device event handlers that are explicitly associated with the element designated by the content focus.
  2. In order to satisfy provision one of this checkpoint, the user must be able to activate as a group all event handlers of the same input device event type. For example, if there are 10 handlers associated with the onmousedown event type, the user must be able to activate the entire group of 10 through keyboard input alone, and must not be required to activate each handler separately.

Normative inclusions and exclusions

  1. Provision one of this checkpoint applies to handlers of any input device event type, including event types for keyboard, pointing device, and voice input.
  2. The user agent is not required to allow activation of event handlers associated with a given device (e.g., the pointing device) in any order other than what the device itself allows (e.g., a mouse down event followed by a mouse drag event followed by a mouse up event).
  3. The requirements for this checkpoint refer to any explicitly associated input device event handlers associated with an element, independent of the input modalities for which the user agent conforms. For example, suppose that an element has an explicitly associated handler for pointing device events. Even when the user agent only conforms for keyboard input (and does not conform for the pointing device, for example), this checkpoint requires the user agent to allow the user to activate that handler with the keyboard.
  4. This checkpoint is mutually exclusive of checkpoint 1.1 since the current checkpoint may be excluded from a conformance profile, unlike other keyboard operation requirements.
  5. Conformance profile labels: Events