Browser User Interface Accessibility Check List

Presentation Adjustability

Author CSS disable 1,?,?, 1
Author color disable 1,?,?, 1
Author font disable 1,?,?, 1
Author background disable 1,?,?, 1

User CCS override 1,1,1,2
User foreground/background color override 1,1,1,1
User font style and size override 1,1,1,1

Display only ALT text for images (complete ALT text) 1,1,1,1
Display TITLES for anchors that are images 1,1,2,1
Display LONGDESC discriptions on user command 1,?,1,1
Display ALT text and Titles for anchors that are images
Display description text within OBJECT tag

Display view option for headers only 3,2,?,1
Display iew option for headers and anchors only 3,2,?,1
Display view option based on users preferences of selected elements 1,1,1,2
Maintain relative focus positions between views 1,1,?,1

Suspend Dynamic HTML events ?,?,?,?

Orientation Information

Document TITLE in title line 1,1,3,,1
Document summary information on status line on document load 2,?,3,1
Document summary information on status line on user command 1,?,2,1
Selected document summary information in menu items (see visibility section)2,?,1,1
Element identification on status line on focus/mouse over (see next section for psuedo focus)2, 3,?,1

Navigation Commands

Text highlight, an insert cursor or other indicator usable by assistive technology is needed as a psuedo focus for 3rd party assistive technology for navigation of HTML elements.  The psuedo focus is needed for most of the following navigation commnands to benefit users with disabilities.  The following is an initial list of navigation commands.  The commands should be available from the keyboard, menus and possibly in a user defined set of toolbar commands.

List of Important Navigation Commands

Command line

Link (Anchor)


List Items




DHTML Events

Visibility of Accessibility Information

Display keyboard equivalents on associated menu items 1
Display navigation commands in menus 1
(For example have a main menu item labled nn Headers, where nn is the number of headers in the current document. The sub menu items would include Next Header, Previous Header, List of All Headers, and a Dynamic List of the first 10 headers.)
Discription of navigation command and selection options in on-line documentation 1,1,1,1
Discription of presentation options in on-line documentation 1,1,1,1
Discription of orientation information options in on-line documentation 1,1,1,1

Compatibility with 3rd Party Assistive Technology

Use Active Accessibility in Windows 95/NT Code 1,
Use SUNSoft Java Accessibility API in Java Code 1,
Use of Standard OS Controls/Menus/Dialog boxes 1,