Edit ISSUE-61: Settle on one term for "time-based media" (4.9.3), "animation" (4.9.7), and "video" (4.9.6)





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  1. Minutes: December 10, 2009 UAWG telecon (from allanj@tsbvi.edu on 2009-12-10) (from allanj@tsbvi.edu on 2009-12-10)

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The current definition of "animation" includes video, whereas "video" is undefined. If we switch to using "video" as in the proposed 4.9.6 wording, we should add a definition that explicitly includes animation.

Note that this is inconsistent with ISO 9241-171 and ANSI 200.2, which include this as a recommendation rather than a requirement (ISO 9241-171 10.6.4 Enable adjustment of audio output: Software should enable users to adjust the attributes of task-relevant audio output such as frequency, speed and sound content.)

Jim Allan, 10 Dec 2009, 18:16:42

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