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Direct Commands* (also called "keyboard shortcuts" or "accelerator

keys") are those tied to particular UI controls or application

functions, allowing the user to navigate-to or activate them without

traversing any intervening controls (e.g., "ctrl"+"S" to save a

document). It is sometimes useful to distinguish direct commands that

are associated with controls that are rendered in the current context

(e.g., "alt"+"D" to move focus to the address bar) from those that may

be able to activate program functionality that is not associated with

any currently rendered controls (e.g., "F1" to open the Help system).

Direct commands help users accelerate their selections.

Jeanne F Spellman, 26 Jun 2009, 18:45:19


Jeanne F Spellman, 26 Jun 2009, 18:51:56

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