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UAAG Implementation Report: Summary by Checkpoint Number

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Rating Information

Rating Scale
C: Complete Implementation
VG: Very Good Implementation, almost all requirements satisfied
G: Good Implementation, most important requirements satisfied
P: Poor Implementation, some requirements satisfied and/or difficult for user to access feature
NI: Not Implemented
NR: Not Rated
NA: Not Applicable

Summary of Checkpoint Implementation

Maximum Checkpoint Rating by Checkpoint Priority
RatingPriority 1Priority 2Priority 3Total
Very Good1113
Not Implemented0224
Two Complete4416464
Percent One
Complete Implementation
Percentage More than One
Complete Implementation

Checkpoints with Low Implementation Experience

Note: The ratings are an indication of how close the checkpoint is to being complete.

Priority 1 Checkpoints

No implementation experience
1.2 Activate event handlers. (Max rating: VG )
4.6 Position captions. (Max rating: G )
One implementation
3.5 Toggle content refresh. (Ave rating: P+ )
10.1 Table orientation. (Ave rating: G+ )

Priority 2 Checkpoints

No implementation experience
3.6 Toggle redirects. (Max rating: P )
4.8 Control other multimedia. (Max rating: NI )
5.3 Manual viewport open only. (Max rating: G )
5.5 Confirm form submission. (Max rating: P )
5.6 Confirm fee links. (Max rating: P )
9.6 Show event handlers. (Max rating: P )
10.5 Outline view. (Max rating: VG )
11.2 Current author bindings. (Max rating: NI )
11.3 Override bindings. (Max rating: G )
One implementation
2.7 Repair missing content. (Ave rating: G )
4.7 Slow other multimedia. (Ave rating: P )
4.11 Control other volume. (Ave rating: C )
4.16 Configure synthesized speech features. (Ave rating: VG+ )
5.1 No automatic content focus change. (Ave rating: P+ )
6.8 DOM CSS access. (Ave rating: G+ )
9.5 No events on focus change. (Ave rating: P+ )
11.4 Single key access. (Ave rating: G- )

Priority 3 Checkpoints

No implementation experience
2.10 Toggle placeholders. (Max rating: NI )
2.11 Alert unsupported language. (Max rating: G )
5.7 Manual viewport close only. (Max rating: NI )
10.6 Provide link information. (Max rating: VG )
One implementation
9.10 Configure important elements. (Ave rating: P )

Checkpoint Information

UAAG Implementation Summary Table: By Checkpoint Number
 Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer with JAWSOpera 5.12 Implementation ReportIBM Home Page ReaderReal Media Player (Audio and Video content only)GrinsWindows Media Player for Windows XPAdobe PDF Reader 
Version5.55.5 and Player8.05.0
Operating SystemMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft WindowsWindows 9x Windows XPMicrosoft Windows
ReviewerJon GundersonJon GundersonJonny Axelsson and Harvey BinghamCathy Laws and David PoehlmanJim Allan and Ian JacobsGeoff FreedJon Gunderson and Kathy DemareeLoretta Guarino Reid
Reviewer AffiliationUIUCUIUCOpera Software, Bingham AssociatesIBM and Blind Access Review BoardTSBVI and W3CCPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, 1/24/2002 UIUC and MicrosoftAdobe
Date14 August 200114 August 200121 August 200114 August 200120 August 200124 Jan 20027 September 200121 August 2001
FormatHTML and CSSHTML and CSSHTML 4.01, CSS1 and CSS2HTML 4.01, CSS1 and CSS2Audio, Video and SMILSMIL 1.0, 2.0Audio and VideoPortable Document Format (PDF)
Number of
1.1 Full keyboard access.1VG2VG2VG3C1VG3C0C10VG1VG+C311.1 Full keyboard access.
1.2 Activate event handlers.1P4VG4G2NR0P1NI0NA0VG2G-VG011.2 Activate event handlers.
1.3 Provide text messages.1C1C1C2C1C0C0C0C1CC811.3 Provide text messages.
2.1 Render content according to specification.1C1C1NR1C1C1C1NA1C3CC612.1 Render content according to specification.
2.2 Provide text view.1C1C1NR1C1C1C0P2NA1VG+C512.2 Provide text view.
2.3 Render conditional content.1G13G13NR13C1C1G1C2P3G+C312.3 Render conditional content.
2.4 Allow time-independent interaction.1NA0NA0NR2C1NI0C0NI1NA1GC212.4 Allow time-independent interaction.
2.5 Make captions, transcripts available.1NA1NA1NR1NA0C1C1C3NA1CC312.5 Make captions, transcripts available.
2.6 Respect synchronization cues.1NA1NA1NA2NA0C0C1C0NA1CC312.6 Respect synchronization cues.
2.7 Repair missing content.2P1VG4VG2C1NR0NR0NR0NI0GC122.7 Repair missing content.
2.8 No repair text.3P1C1C1C1NR0NR0NA0NI0G+C332.8 No repair text.
2.9 Render conditional content automatically.3G13C13NR1C1NR0NR0C1NI0VGC332.9 Render conditional content automatically.
2.10 Toggle placeholders.3NI1NI1NR1NR0NR1NR0NA0NI0NINI032.10 Toggle placeholders.
2.11 Alert unsupported language.3NI1NI1G2NR0NR0NR0NI1NI0P-G032.11 Alert unsupported language.
3.1 Toggle background images.1C1C1NA2C1NA1NI0NA0NA1VGC313.1 Toggle background images.
3.2 Toggle audio, video, animated images.1C1C1C1C1G3G0C2NA1VG+C513.2 Toggle audio, video, animated images.
3.3 Toggle animated/blinking text.1C1C1VG1C1NI1NI0NA0NA0G+C313.3 Toggle animated/blinking text.
3.4 Toggle scripts.1C1C1VG1C1NR0NI0NI2NI2GC313.4 Toggle scripts.
3.5 Toggle content refresh.1P1P1C1NR0NR0NI0NA0NA1P+C113.5 Toggle content refresh.
3.6 Toggle redirects.2P1P1NR1NR0NR0NR0NA0NA0PP023.6 Toggle redirects.
3.7 Toggle images.2C1C1C2C1NR1NR0NR0NI1VG+C423.7 Toggle images.
4.1 Configure text size.1C1C1C1C1C1NI0NI1C2VGC614.1 Configure text size.
4.2 Configure font family.1C1C1C2C1NI1NI0NI0NI0GC414.2 Configure font family.
4.3 Configure text colors.1C1C1C2C1NI1NI0NI0C1G+C514.3 Configure text colors.
4.4 Slow multimedia.1C1C1NA1NA0C1P1NI2NA1G+C314.4 Slow multimedia.
4.5 Start, stop, pause, advance, reverse multimedia.1NA0NA0NA1NA0C0G1C0NA1VG+C214.5 Start, stop, pause, advance, reverse multimedia.
4.6 Position captions.1NA0NA0NA1NA0NI1NI0G2NA1P-G014.6 Position captions.
4.7 Slow other multimedia.2NI1NI1NA1NA0C1NA0NI0NA1PC124.7 Slow other multimedia.
4.8 Control other multimedia.2NA1NA0NA1NA0NR0NA0NA0NA1NINI024.8 Control other multimedia.
4.9 Global volume control.1C1C2NA1C1C1G0C0C1C-C614.9 Global volume control.
4.10 Independent volume control.1NA0C1NA1C1P1NI0NR0NA1GC214.10 Independent volume control.
4.11 Control other volume.2NA0NA0NA1C1NR0NA0NR0NA1CC124.11 Control other volume.
4.12 Configure synthesized speech rate.1NA0C1NR1C1NR0NR0NA0NA0CC214.12 Configure synthesized speech rate.
4.13 Configure synthesized speech volume.1NA0C1NR1C1NR0NR0NA0NA0CC214.13 Configure synthesized speech volume.
4.14 Configure synthesized speech characteristics.1NA0C1NR1C1NR0NR0NA0NA0CC214.14 Configure synthesized speech characteristics.
4.15 Specific synthesized speech characteristics.2NA0C1NR1C1NR0NR0NA0NA1CC224.15 Specific synthesized speech characteristics.
4.16 Configure synthesized speech features.2NA0C1NR1VG1NR0NR0NA0NA1VG+C124.16 Configure synthesized speech features.
4.17 Choose style sheets.1C1C1C3C1NR0NR0C1NA0CC514.17 Choose style sheets.
5.1 No automatic content focus change.2NI1NI1C1NR0G1NR0NI1NA1P+C125.1 No automatic content focus change.
5.2 Keep viewport on top.2NI1NI1C1C1C1NR0NI1NA1GC325.2 Keep viewport on top.
5.3 Manual viewport open only.2NI1NI1NA1NR0G1NR0NI1NA1P-G025.3 Manual viewport open only.
5.4 Selection and focus in viewport.2C1C1NR1C0NR0NR0C1C0CC525.4 Selection and focus in viewport.
5.5 Confirm form submission.2P1P2NR1NR0NR0NR0NA0NI1P-P025.5 Confirm form submission.
5.6 Confirm fee links.2NA1NA1P2NR0NR0NR0NA0NA1PP025.6 Confirm fee links.
5.7 Manual viewport close only.3NI1NI1NR1NR0NR0NR0NI1NA1NINI035.7 Manual viewport close only.
6.1 DOM read access.1C2C3P1C1NR0NR0NR0NA0VG+C316.1 DOM read access.
6.2 DOM write access.1C1C1P1C1NR0NR0NR0NA0VG+C316.2 DOM write access.
6.3 Programmatic access to non-HTML/XML content.1C3C3P1NR0NR0NR0NR0C1VG+C316.3 Programmatic access to non-HTML/XML content.
6.4 Programmatic operation.1C1C1P1C1C1NR0NR0C1VG+C516.4 Programmatic operation.
6.5 Programmatic alert of changes.1C2C2P1C1NR0NI0NR0C2VGC416.5 Programmatic alert of changes.
6.6 Conventional keyboard APIs.1C1C1C1C1C0NR0NR0C0CC616.6 Conventional keyboard APIs.
6.7 API character encodings.1C1C2P1C1NR0NR0NR0C1VG+C416.7 API character encodings.
6.8 DOM CSS access.2VG1VG1P1C1NR0NR0NR0NA0G+C126.8 DOM CSS access.
6.9 Timely access.2C1C1NR1C1NR0NR0NR0C1CC426.9 Timely access.
7.1 Focus and selection conventions.1C1C1C2C0NR0C0NR0C1CC617.1 Focus and selection conventions.
7.2 Respect input configuration conventions.1C1C1C1VG1C1NR0NR0C0C-C517.2 Respect input configuration conventions.
7.3 Operating environment conventions.2C1C2C1C2C0NR0NR0C0CC627.3 Operating environment conventions.
7.4 Input configuration indications.2C2C2C1NR0C1NR0NR0NA1CC427.4 Input configuration indications.
8.1 Implement accessibility features.1VG29VG29NR42VG1P1C2NR0C1VGC218.1 Implement accessibility features.
8.2 Conform to specifications.2VG4VG4VG1NR0NR0C2NR0C0VG+C228.2 Conform to specifications.
9.1 Provide content focus.1C1C1C1C1NR0NI0NR0C1VG+C519.1 Provide content focus.
9.2 Provide user interface focus.1C1C1C1C1C0C0NR0C0CC719.2 Provide user interface focus.
9.3 Move content focus.1VG2VG2C1C1C1NR0NR0C0C-C419.3 Move content focus.
9.4 Restore history.1C1C1C1NA0P1G1NR0NA1VGC319.4 Restore history.
9.5 No events on focus change.2P2P2C1NR0NR1NR0NR0NI0P+C129.5 No events on focus change.
9.6 Show event handlers.2P1NR1NR2NR0NR1NR0NR0NI0P-P029.6 Show event handlers.
9.7 Move content focus optimally.2VG3C2C2C1NR0NR0NR0C0C-C429.7 Move content focus optimally.
9.8 Text search.2C1C1C1C1P1NR0NR0C1VG+C529.8 Text search.
9.9 Structured navigation.2NI1G1C1C1NR0NR0NR0NI0GC229.9 Structured navigation.
9.10 Configure important elements.3NI0NI0P1C0NR0NR0NR0NI0PC139.10 Configure important elements.
10.1 Table orientation.1C1G2P1VG1NR0NR1NR0VG2G+C1110.1 Table orientation.
10.2 Highlight selection and content focus.1C2C2VG1C1NR0NA0NR0G1VG+C3110.2 Highlight selection and content focus.
10.3 Distinct default highlight styles.1C1C2C1C1NR1NA0NR0C1CC5110.3 Distinct default highlight styles.
10.4 Highlight special elements.2C3C4NR1C1NR0NR0NR0NI0VGC3210.4 Highlight special elements.
10.5 Outline view.2P1P1P1VG1NR0NR0NR0NI1P+VG0210.5 Outline view.
10.6 Provide link information.3G3G3VG3VG1NR0NR0NR0NI0GVG0310.6 Provide link information.
10.7 Highlight current viewport.1G2G3C1VG1NR0NR0NR0C2VGC2110.7 Highlight current viewport.
10.8 Indicate rendering progress.3C1C2C1C1NR0NR0NR0C1CC5310.8 Indicate rendering progress.
11.1 Current user bindings.1C1C1NA2C1C0NR0NR0C2CC5111.1 Current user bindings.
11.2 Current author bindings.2NI0NI0NA1NR0NR0NR0NR0NA1NINI0211.2 Current author bindings.
11.3 Override bindings.2NI0G1NA1NR0NR0NR0NR0NA1PG0211.3 Override bindings.
11.4 Single key access.2NI0G1C1VG1NR0NR0NR0NI1G-C1211.4 Single key access.
11.5 Default binding requirements.2C1C1VG14C1VG1NR0NR0C2C-C4211.5 Default binding requirements.
11.6 User profiles.2G2G3NR1C1C1NR0NR0NI1G+C2211.6 User profiles.
11.7 Configure tool bars.3C2C2NR1NR0P1NR0C2C0VG+C4311.7 Configure tool bars.
12.1 Accessible documentation.1VG2VG2C1C1VG1NR0NR0C2VG+C3112.1 Accessible documentation.
12.2 Document accessibility features.1C1C1C2C1C0NR0VG3C1C-C6112.2 Document accessibility features.
12.3 Document default bindings.1C1C1C2C1C0NR0NR0C1CC6112.3 Document default bindings.
12.4 Document changes.2NR0C1C1C1NR0NR0NR0NA1CC3212.4 Document changes.
12.5 Dedicated section on accessibility.2C1C1VG5C1C1NR0NR0C0C-C5212.5 Dedicated section on accessibility.

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Ian Jacobs (ij@w3.org)
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