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Weekly Call Scribing

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Common Commands to cut and paste into the IRC.

General Commands

zakim, code?
zakim, who's here?

zakim, ??P is [username]

zakim, code?
zakim, who is making noise?
zakim, who is on the phone?

trackbot, start meeting
zakim, please clear the agenda

zakim, save agenda

trackbot, end meeting

scribe: [Surname_Firstname]
ScribeNick: [username]

zakim, q?

queue= (clears the q)

zakim, mute me


ack [username]

s/error/correction  = corrections

zakim, next item

zakim, take up item 1

zakim, close item 1
zakim, take up item 2

zakim, close item 2
zakim, take up item 3

zakim, close item 3
zakim, take up item 4

zakim, close item 4
zakim, take up item 5

zakim, close item 5
zakim, take up item 6

zakim, close item 6
zakim, take up item 7

zakim, close item 7
zakim, take up item 8

zakim, close item 8

Issues and Actions


Action: [username] to [what they have to do]
ACTION-12: [comment]
close ACTION-12

Winding Up

rrsagent, make logs public

rrsagent, draft minutes

zakim, please part

rrsagent, draft minutes

rrsagent, please part