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Topic 4 Timeline

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Easy to Read symposium draft page

For Consideration

Timeline is designed following the Text Customization Symposium draft page symposium.

* Note: Topic 3 Timeline now contains both Topic 3 & Topic 4 since they are integrated.

Draft Timeline

Planning Timeline Symposium Dates Note Dates
select topic, editors, and planning committee June
announce pre-notification of call for papers 2 July (after mobile deadline)
announce call for papers and scientific committee 10 September
deadline for paper submissions 15 October 2012
review feedback and start of rebuttal period 5 November 2012
deadline for final papers, announcement of program 19 November
publication of accepted papers and registration opens 3 December 2012
teleconference symposium 15 December 12
draft teleconference proceedings for WG review 7 January 2013 Note Date WG Note Planning Timeline
+4 weeks - announcement of teleconference proceedings (papers, captions, ...) 21 January 2013 21 January 2013 Editors Draft of WG Note for review by the WG
25 February 2013 WG approval for publication of the WG Note
11 March Working Draft publication of the WG Note
1 April 2013 WG approval for publication of the WG Note
8 April 2013 Publication and announcement of the WG Note