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Template for Participation Guide

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E-mail sample

Dear [symposium topic] authors,

Many thanks once again for your submission to the [topic] Symposium.

This email and the attached document provides more detail on how we would like to involve you during the symposium, including an indication of what questions we will ask you and when.

[names] will chair the symposium; [name] will be facilitating during the three main sections of the symposium:
- [topic] (15:XX-15:XX)
- [topic] (15:XX-16:XX)
- [topic] (16:xx-16:50)

For more details, see the Agenda at <>

The attached document provides an outline schedule for the symposium and specific questions we will ask each of you at appropriate times during the symposium. These are questions that we think will allow you to expand on the content of your submission at a logical point in discussions. When the time comes, one of the chairs will ask you by name to respond to the relevant question.

Note that the attached document provides a general approach, rather than a strict structure. Based on the discussion, we may change the order of questions, omit some, or ask participants different questions.

In some cases, other symposium participants may have questions for you based on your contribution; if there is time for discussion, the chairs will prompt you to reply to these as succinctly as possible.

In addition to the questions contained in the attached document, you are welcome to contribute at other stages of the symposium. Please see previous e-mails from Shadi Abou-Zahra with instructions for joining the chat and getting on queue to ask or answer questions.

If you have any specific questions about your role in the symposium, please contact the Chairs.

Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to your contribution!

Participation guide

Important advice for submission authors

  • Read carefully the e-mails your received from Shadi about joining the teleconference and chat. Join at least 15 minutes early to confirm your connections, etc.
  • Remember that all participants agreed to read the papers before the Symposium. Please assume that they did read your paper and do not just repeat information from your paper. The symposium is to generate additional information beyond the papers.
  • Keep your comments brief to give everyone a chance to contribute.
  • You are welcome to answer any questions or make comments, even if your name is not explicitly listed in a section (provided there is enough time).
  • You are encouraged to send any questions for other authors (before the Symposium) or additional comments to the publicly-archived e-mail list <> with subject starting: "[Topic Symposium]"
  • When you are speaking, watch the live captioning to make sure she/he can understand you. If you see "[inaudible]" that means you need to speak more clearly, slowly, and/or loudly.

The table below is an indication of how we will involve submission contributors at various points in the symposium schedule. Please be prepared to speak at the point indicated in the table, when asked. Remember this provides a general approach, rather than a strict structure. Based on the discussion, we may change the order of questions, omit some, or ask participants different questions.

Introduction to topic and symposium (15:00-15:10)

Preliminary information on the purpose of the symposium, and the contributions received; information on how the symposium will run.

[sub-topic 1] (15:xx-15:xx)
[question 1]

[overview of discussion points]

[author 1] — [question to ask]

[author 2] — [question to ask]

[author 3] — [question to ask]

[question 2]

[overview of discussion points]

[author 4] — [question to ask]

[author 1] — [question to ask]

[author 5] — [question to ask]

... ...
[sub-topic 3] (15:xx-15:xx)
[question X]

[overview of discussion points]

[author 6] — [question to ask]

[author 3] — [question to ask]

[author 7] — [question to ask]

... ...
Next steps - Symposium Report, Invitation for additional short contributions (16:50-17:00)