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The template and the associated call for paper (if the topic is selected to be a symposium) has evolved overtime in to finely tuned activity. You'll need to be able to handle running a symposium too; but at this point you just need to copy and past the template (below) into the new wiki page you have just created for you proposed topic, and fill it out.

We run more and more of the symposium on 'variables' which can be moved between emails, web pages, and wiki resources, and are used in different combinations to get the message out. Trust us, it's easier in the long run.

Now, each template section represents a variable as follows (VARIABLES are in UPPER CASE):

  • Page Title = The variable SUBJECT - short snappy title of 20 words (max);
  • Rationale = The variable RATIONALE - Why is this topic important within the next 5-10 years, why is it a game changer, how does it link to other topics?
  • Contacts = The variable EDITORS - normally the Page author(s);
  • Brief synopsis = The variable OBJECTIVE - the objective of the symposium in 2 sentences;
  • Keywords = The variable LIST-OF-TOPICS - a list of topics (if bulleted in on the website or wiki then compress to a semicolon separated list for this call;
  • Description = The variable DESCRIPTION - a 2 to 3 paragraph description of the research topic and associated challenges;
  • Background = The variable BACKGROUND - 5 to 6 paragraphs detailing the additional background on the subject matter; and
  • Discussion = The variable MAIN-QUESTIONS - 3 to 4 specific questions that need to be addressed.


[Brief synopsis of 1-2 sentences]


Page author(s): [name of RDWG participant(s), in order of contribution, who significantly contributed the creation of this wiki page]

Other contact(s): [if applicable, name of other RDWG participant(s) who have particular interest and/or expertise in this research topic]


[List of keywords that describe the subject matter]


[Why should this be chosen above others?]


[Description of the research topic and challenges]


[Additional background on the subject matter]


[Specific questions that need to be addressed]


[References to related works and activities]

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