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CfP Email Boilerplate

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We have evolved the call for papers (CfP) for each symposium into two parts - the first is an email CfP (this page), this call links to the expanded CfP Webpage Boilerplate; once complete the email CfP is distributed via the Distribution Lists.

Now, to make things easier and consistent, we have also evolved a form of words for the CfP and you can see this in the 'Proforma CfP' below. However, it is best to think of this as text with variables inserted. In this case you need to create text for each of the variables (listed below) and then insert them into your email CfP created from a combination of the variables and the proforma CfP.

Variables (things you need to create)

  • SUBJECT = short snappy title of 20 words (max);
  • OBJECTIVE = the objective of the symposium in 2 sentences;
  • LIST of TOPICS = a list of topics (if bulleted in on the website or wiki then compress to a semicolon separated list for this call;
  • SUBMISSIONS DATE = from the timeline; and
  • SYMPOSIUM DATE = also from the timeline.

Proforma CfP

The W3C WAI Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) invites you to contribute to the online symposium on [SUBJECT].
     Submission date: [SUBMISSIONS DATE - Day Month Year]
     Symposium date: [SYMPOSIUM DATE - Day Month Year]

This symposium brings together researchers, practitioners, and users with disabilities to explore [brief OBJECTIVE].

We invite research and position papers of about 1,000 words. We encourage you to submit new research, ongoing research, and analysis of past research related to [SUBJECT]. Submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Accepted papers will be published online in an attributable form as part of the symposium proceedings. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to participate in the symposium panel.

For more information about the symposium and submissions, please see:
- [SUBJECT] main page: <[SUBJECT_URL]>
- Call for Papers: <[SUBJECT_CFP_URL]>

If you are interested in contributing to this Symposium, please submit your paper by:
     [SUBMISSIONS DATE - Day Month Year]

Feel free to circulate this message to other lists; please avoid cross-postings where possible.