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Augmented Reality / Internet of things

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Since the use of internet through mobile phones is increasing rapidly, there is also an increasing emerging number of augmented reality applications. Based on QRCodes, RFID, NFC or GPS people can now sign in to places and events, get information on their mobiledevice abou products, watch advertisments, movie trailers, play games, etc. The opportunities for accessibility to benefit from these developments are vast and yet unexplored. This section aims to provide background infromation on the topic and form research questions for the future of augmented reality in relation with accessibility.


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Augmented reality


[Description of the research topic and challenges]


[Additional background on the subject matter]


  • How accessible is augmented reality now?
  • Since places, events, products and in general things are being tagged and connected with additional information on the web, could this information also contain accessibility related data (is the bar accross the street accessible through wheelchair?, does the movie in this cinema have subtitles for people with hearing imairements?, etc)?
  • Could there be a global schema to describe an objects accessibility related properties?
  • Could there be a global schema to describe a persons capabilities?


[References to related works and activities]

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