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Accessible Security

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Accessible security meaning that security questions and decisions are presented to the user in a way that he can understand it.


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Security, Easy to read, PC, Virus, Phising


A lot of research focuses on this area, but we still don't have a common understanding, how we can give easy to understand security questions and decisions to the user. So that they know where it comes from, they can not automatically ignore it, they know the risk they take by answering yes and no. For example how does a user know if a message that his computer is infected comes from his virus protection or from a bogus website? On which/whose server are they correctly browsing? Is it good that if FF we have to click 5 times before we can visit a self signed security page? Is it good that we can do this with on click in IE? These seems far fetched but this is really important. In Hungary 50 percent of the home PC-s were infected in 2010. So having accessible security would help a lot of people to avoid at least some of the attacks.


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