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Accessible Ads

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Much of the Web is driven by advertising revenue and little research has been done in the area of accessibility and Web ads. User growth is often a measure of how successful a new Web application is but an additional key measure is how profitable. The most common current business model for companies developing Web apps is to place banner advertisements in an application. Targeting information such as age, gender, and location are often used to place more relevant ads to a user. The more accurate the targeting the more revenue a Web app will generate. Generally, the targeted group that will generate more revenue will receive more development focus. It is possible that persons with disabilities are being left behind in the "new" business model of Web advertising and as a consequence may not be able to fully access the new Web 2.0/3.0/*. Perhaps just as important, it is also possible that Web advertisers are abusing or at least creating a less than enjoyable experience for persons with disabilities and should be explored.






Creating a Business Case for Accessibility [1]

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