Collaborative Software Development Communityware: e-Duet

*Atsuo Hazeyama, *Masatoshi Shimakage, and **Tsutomu Ishide

* Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

** Sakurabashi Junior High School, Tokyo, Japan

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We have been conducting a project-based software development education for the students to acquire practical knowledge for software engineering for several years. The tasks that the groups tackle are given by the teacher. Unfortunately, they will not be provided for practical use in university. Therefore the students do not have an opportunity to elicit requirements from real users and/or customers and to do quality assurance, which are important activities in the software development process. To overcome this problem, we propose a collaborative software development model by both the people (hereafter we call them software requesters) who have requirements for software and the developers (university students).

Based on the model, we aim at developing a Web-based communityware called e-Duet. Software requesters submit their requirements to the communityware, then the developers elicit detailed requirements, develop software to meet them, and release the software to the communityware. The community members including the software requesters can download it and give problems or comments to the developers if necessary. The communityware is similar to the development environments of open source projects. It can include some such projects. Furthermore the developers in our target domain university students, who are novices of software development. We suppose the users are school teachers. They often require user interface based application software.

The communityware should support the requirement elicitation process according to the above mentioned stakeholders' characteristics. In addition, because of time constraints of university education (we have only three months for the exercises of software development), support for requirement negotiation is also indispensable. Furthermore as the purpose of this collaborative software development is education, the communityware should provide a mechanism to collect feedback information from the users to the developers.

We are now implementing such communityware.