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Feedback from Mike

  • About "(CC-4) specify a character encoding", it seems somewhat odd for that to be a MUST.
  • It would help if this document prioritized the requirements -- everything may be a must, but some are more important than others.

Feedback from Philip Jägenstedt

  • (DV-4) "or as an external file"? Does it matter for a11y if the track is internal or external to the media resource?
  • (DV-5) What's the point of this? In desktop applications, the default volume of tracks is whatever it is in the media resource, there's no way to override that. What problems does that pose?
  • (DV-7) Is this in any way related to a11y? MUST? Using some input devices this makes no sense, e.g. when changing the volume with keyboard controls.
  • (DV-8) This could be done on the production side. Does it matter for a11y if it's possible to do in the UA?
  • (DV-9) This seems quite inappropriate. Surely, as long as the quality is good enough, it doesn't matter at all if it's a generic audio codec or a voice audio codec.
  • (DV-10) This is redundant with (DV-3)
  • (DV-12) What are programs or channels in a web context?
  • (DV-14) Relevance for a11y?
  • (CC-4) Relevance for a11y?
  • (CC-7) Why not just say to support any text direction?
  • (CC-16) and (CC-17) Are mixed-language captions especially relevant to a11y?
  • (CC-23) dupe of (CC-1)!
  • (ECC-1) What kind of metadata?
  • (ECC-2) Why? Suddenly appearing and disappearing links seems like a terrible user experience.
  • (ECC-3) Overlap is dupe of (CC-6)!
  • (T-1) Given that the transcript could be interesting to everyone, why not just put a link to it next to the audio/video? Given <video src=video></video><a href=transcript>transcript</a>, it seems like a mechanism for associating video with transcript would be rather complicated.
  • (T-2) Sounds fun, can be done with scripts.

Philip Jägenstedt 16:51, 14 September 2010 (UTC)

Feedback from Masatomo Kobayashi

  • The priority of (TVD-4) depends on what is supposed as the default behavior in case this feature is not implemented. If it is "stop reading" (which will be the most easy to implement), the user has no way to know truncated information.
  • I think (EVD-2) should be MUST because it seems to be an essential feature of EVD.