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Hi Gregory,

We seem to have two main Canvas Accessibility Sub-Group wiki pages in this Wiki. This one that you set up and the page Michael Cooper set up. For details see Micheal's email Nov 16 email. I had been adding to Micheal's page.

Anyway, should we combine the two pages. Or do you have another idea?

For your info:

Let me know how you think we should proceed.



Laura -- thanks for pointing this out.

  1. the best thing to do is to combine the contents of the 2 pages and to set a mediawiki REDIRECT from the one page that is deprecated to the one page which will continue to be edited;
  2. for URI succinctness, i would prefer to use the page simply named Canvas as the canvas sub-group start page, with CANVAS-related pages appearing in a format such as: Canvas/Foo/Boar
  3. we should probably coordinate the change/port/redirect with Cooper;

Hi Gregory,

That's fine with me.


User:Grosmai set Cooper's page to redirect to the document for which this is the discussion page; all materials on Cooper's page were ported to the Canvas main page to reduce size of URIs