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Spec Review/Image

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Under review:

Bruce Bailey

Allowing @title and figure elements as fall back for @alt will, I think, cause some confusion, but this is something I "can live with" and is not worth raising an objection, especially since it is technically consistent with WCAG 2.0. In any, the thought, consideration, and work that has gone into the decision is quite evident. Thank you all!

I did not find any substantive accessibility related changes between the Working and Editors Draft.

Michael Cooper

[Draft Change Proposal on on location of alt guidance]

Bug 13428 just on part on removing alt guidance

Judy Brewer

Figcaption is sometimes appropriate as fallback for @alt but always. Need to figure out the situations. See Examples of figure captions that may be inappropriately long for alt.

Judy to file bug Bug 13651