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Tests currently under consideration by the Task Force for testing implementation support of the HTML5 Image Description Extension are currently hosted on github. Please see the README for a description of the tests and how they should be used.

Please use the space provided below to record your results and/or email your results to the Task Force mailing list. Please include details for the browser and operating system used (including version information) as well as any plugins that would affect the outcome of the tests. You may also wish to propose additional test cases.


Multifunction tests

is the description discoverable?

Test Yandex browser 1.7 + "Longdesc" extension, MacOS
Comment... Discoverability is based on adding a class. Configurable visual markers are provided
data-uri-image-data-uri-description.html Pass
data-uri-image-external-description.html Pass
data-uri-image-internal-description.html Pass
empty-image-data-uri-description.html Pass
empty-image-external-description.html Pass
empty-image-internal-description.html Pass
external-image-data-uri-description.html Pass
external-image-external-description.html Pass
external-image-internal-description.html Pass
external-image-with-absolute-base-external-description.html Pass
external-image-with-relative-base-external-description.html Pass
iframe-discoverability.html Fail

Can the user access the description?

Test Yandex browser 1.7 + "Longdesc" extension, MacOS Firefox 23, MacOS 10.7.5
Comment… Opens in a new window You get the URL from a context menu action, and then have to open it manually...
data-uri-image-data-uri-description.html Pass Pass
data-uri-image-external-description.html Pass Pass
data-uri-image-internal-description.html Pass Pass
empty-image-data-uri-description.html Pass Pass
empty-image-external-description.html Pass Pass
empty-image-internal-description.html Pass Pass
external-image-data-uri-description.html Pass Pass
external-image-external-description.html Pass Pass
external-image-internal-description.html Pass Pass
external-image-with-absolute-base-external-description.html Pass Pass
external-image-with-relative-base-external-description.html Pass Pass
iframe-discoverability.html unknown Pass

Other tests



Yauser 1.7 Pass
Firefox 23, Mac OS 10.7.5 Pass

Suggestions for further test cases