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Instructions for Starting Zakim and RRSAgent

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Before Meeting Begins

Enter the following commands in the #AAPI IRC channel:

/invite rrsagent #html-aapi
/invite zakim #html-aapi 
zakim, this will be aapi
rrsagent, make logs public
Scribe: YourName
ScribeNick: your irc nickname
Meeting: AAPI 
Chair: Cynthia Shelly 

During Meeting

Zakim, who's here? to see list of attendees in IRC and on the phone
Zakim, <code> is Name (where <code> is the last 4 characters of the phone code that Zakim displays 
or the company name)
Topic: <topic name>
Action: <tracks various actions, produces action item list at end of wiki>

At End of Meeting

Regrets: Name, Name 
Type zakim, bye
Type rrsagent, draft minutes
Type rrsagent, bye

AAPI Mapping