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Finished AAPI Items

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Action Number Date Assigned Assigned To Item Date Finished
01 2011-12-13  ? Identify appropriate people at vendors who we should talk to duplicate of 12
02 2011-12-13 Char Look at how information is formatted to make it more usable (without too many columns) 2012-01-31, notes sent by email, discussed and approved at Jan 31 meeting.
03 2011-12-13 Cynthia Get BugZilla set up for work management 2012-4-1
04 2011-12-13 Cynthia Add current items to BugZilla 2012-3-15 OBE using wiki instead
07 2011-12-13 Jason Add Mac stuff to wiki once it's set up Jason has added information to overview HTML page (more ongoing).
08 2011-12-13 Char Talk to implementers on what would be most useful (until she can actually edit) 2012-4-1
10 2012-01-17 Char Talk to Michael Cooper about hiding and showing information in W3C docs (and if it's possible) Not needed; Jason figured it out.
14 2012-01-24 Steve Work on Script for posting bugs 2012-02-01
15 2012-01-31 Jason Cynthia saw blog post that Firefox was implementing Mac A11Y APIs, Jason will contact Marco for more information. 2012-02-28
16 2012-01-31 Char Will convert a couple of examples of each matrix type to HTML and send to the list for feedback. Superseded.
17 2012-01-31 Jason Will try conversion first on a couple of examples and let us know how it works. 2012-02-07
18 2012-02-07 Jason Follow up with James Craig on proposed Mac mappings and solicit input from lists on same 2012-04-05
19 2012-02-07 Cynthia Will talk to Michael about being able to flip the table views Not needed...Jason figured it out.
20 2012-02-07 Jason Will test proof-of-concept of getting all values for API in one table 2012-02-14
21 2012-02-07 Jason Will add Steve's information to overview (original) 2012-03-15
22 2012-02-14 Cynthia Talk to Michael Cooper about setting up wiki. 2012-02-21
23 2012-02-14 Char Add information to wiki 2012-03-25
24 2012-03-06 Jason Will file bugs with NVDA and JAWS. 2012-03-19
25 2012-03-06 Jason Will add non-breaking spaces to table at beginning of each element (to prevent screen reader misfires). Superseded.
26 2012-03-20 Jason Move nested links from <summary> to <details>. 2012-03-24
27 2012-03-20 Jason Add bug to mapping for <summary>. 2012-03-24
28 2012-03-27 Jason Add self as editor to AAPI doc 2012-04-03
29 2012-03-27 Jason Ask Apple if AXRoleDescription expected to be human-intelligible version of the element/role name? Can it be used, eg, with /? 2012-04-05
31 2012-03-27 Jason Ask James to suggest other at Apple to provide input on current proposed Mac mappings 2012-04-05 - James is the one to talk to.
32 2012-03-27 Jason Update input date/time fields in Mac API using AXDateFields 2012-04-03
34 2012-04-03 Jason Change stylesheet back, change to editor's draft, fix broken link and year 2012-04-09
35 2012-04-03 Jason Add Steve's information from WebKit for HTML5 elements Duplicate of #21.
36 2012-04-03 Steve Ask Rich to submit bugs Done
37 2012-04-03 Cynthia Look for gaps in document and what we need to be looking at; come up with start of a plan for finishing the work Done
38 2012-04-10 Jason Update AX for <address> and file bug with Webkit re role description of "content information", suggesting "address" instead 2012-4-15
39 2012-05-01 Jason Follow up with James to see if they have any internal documentation that could be accessed done
40 2012-05-01 Cynthia Try to meet with James this week at the HTML F2F meeting to get answers to some of our questions done
45 2012-08-07 Jason talk to David Bolter and Alex Surkov about mapping of tagnames on display:block elements to Role in MSAA. Done

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