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Current To-Do List and Progress

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Finished AAPI Items

Action Number Date Assigned Assigned To Item Date Finished
05 2011-12-13 Steve Add Actions and Events sections to HTML API doc, associate with bug 16628
06 2011-12-13 Steve Set up wiki page with base information, will collect test URLs
09 2011-12-13 David Do something with documents, will come up with automatic process for Firefox mapping. ETA early June.
11 2012-01-17 Char Go over existing HTML and API docs, make notes on possible changes, set up list of questions for implementers
12 2012-01-17 Char Talk to James Craig (Apple), David Bolter (Mozilla), someone from Chrome, Cynthia Shelly (IE) Jason has reached out to James Craig. Still need to find someone from Chrome.
13 2012-01-24 Steve Update accessible name calculations. In progress
30 2012-03-27 Jason Has asked David Bolter on possibility of FF fixing kbd access to <caption>; waiting for feedback.
33 2012-04-03 Cynthia What should the note to ATs say? Guidance to AT on how to use doc. Asking them for feedback.
41 2012-05-01 Char Confirm with Steve when content after table can be copy-edited, then copy-edit it
42 2012-05-01 Cynthia Review content for technical accuracy
43 2012-05-01 Cynthia and Larry Add a drag-and-drop section to the document
44 2012-05-01 Steve Add an error-handling section and associate it with bug 16625
46 2012-10-23 Larry figure out recommendations for UAs that want to implement both UIA and IA2
47 2012-10-23 Cynthia figure out next steps following recommendations for UIA/IA2 dual implementation as per note from Larry

AAPI Mapping