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Bugs/a11y/command element/icon

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Bug Details:

The label attribute gives the name of the command, as shown to the user.

The title attribute gives a hint describing the command, which might be shown to the user to help him.

Comments: This differentiation between label and title is a familiar one: the label is a noun, which describes the labeled item, while title serves as a "verb", by providing assistance or instructions to the user on demand.

The icon attribute gives a picture that represents the command. If the attribute is specified, the attribute's value must contain a valid URL. To obtain the absolute URL of the icon, the attribute's value must be resolved relative to the element.

Comments: There is currently no stipulation that use of an icon necessitates valid label and title values, so as to provide for an alternative to the rendering of the graphic. Since the icon attribute is explicitly a picture that represents the command, use of icon must be valid only when label and title are also present.

Synopsis: Use of icon requires valid label (and title, or is that an best practice for authors - sometimes, the label does "say it all"). There are NO circumstances where the icon attribute can be used without an accompanying label. Note that the presence of a label helps users who can perceive the icon, but to whom the imagery does not make sense or is not readily apparent to the user; therefore, label becomes an especially important means of disambiguating the meaning of the icon.