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A11ytf keyword criteria

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The a11ytf keyword is applied to bugs filed against the HTML5.x specifications that the HTML Accessibility Task Force is monitoring or actively pursuing.

Criteria for a11ytf keyword

There is a non-trivial cost to tagging bugs with the a11ytf keyword, as discussed during the Bug Triage meeting of 18th March 2010. The following criteria should be met before a bug has the a11ytf keyword applied:

  1. Must be a bug that falls within the scope of work of the HTML Accessibility Task Force.
  2. Must have at least one member of the HTML Accessibility Task Force to actively pursue it.
  3. At least one of the following must be applicable:
  • The bug reports a problem where HTML5.x conflicts with ATAG, UAAG or WCAG.
  • The bug introduces features that will facilitate or enhance accessibility.
  • The bug restores an accessibility feature to HTML5.x where no superior mechanism or replacement exists.
  • The bug impacts one of the HTML Accessibility Task Force work topics.
  • The bug expidites, clarifies or supports an existing change proposal or specification extension under development by the HTML Accessibility Task Force.
  • The bug has a dependency or blocker relationship with another bug that the HTML Accessibility Task Force is already pursuing.

Standard bug text

It is helpful to acknowledge the HTML Accessibility Task Force's intentions in the bug comments. Each comment results in an email being sent to the HTML Working Group list, so care should be taken not to overdo it.

Accept Statement

The HTML Accessibility Task Force intends to track this bug, per the decision at: http://decisionlink.html

Reject Statement

Per the decision at http://decisionlink.html, the HTML Accessibility Task Force does not plan to formally work on this bug at this time. This does not mean the Task Force has no interest in it, but does not have immediate plans to work on it. The Task Force may review the issue in the future.