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Provide a CAPTCHA example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"

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Bug Title

Provide a text alternative for the CAPTCHA example

Bug Number


Spec Section

Images whose contents are not known [1]

The "Images whose contents are not known" section of the HTML5 spec contains the following CAPTCHA example.

Sometimes the entire point of the image is that a textual description is not available, and the user is to provide the description. For instance, the point of a CAPTCHA image is to see if the user can literally read the graphic. Here is one way to mark up a CAPTCHA (note the title attribute):

<p><label>What does this image say?
<img src="captcha.cgi?id=8934" title="CAPTCHA">
<input type=text name=captcha></label>
(If you cannot see the image, you can use an <a
href="?audio">audio</a> test instead.)</p>

Bug Description

A text alternative for this example is missing. Please provide one that is in line with WCAG 2 or defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives": as a CAPTCHA example will be added there.


HTML5 Issue and Change Proposal

This is associated with HTML TRACKER ISSUE-31:

Change Proposal - Replace img Guidance for Conformance Checkers: