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Bug keywords

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The Bug Triage sub-team may assign one or more keywords to bugs filed against the HTML5 specification.

HTML Accessibility Task Force keyword

The a11ytf keyword may be assigned to a bug if all three of the following criteria are met:

  1. The bug must fall under the TF's scope of work.
  2. At least one member of the TF must agree to actively pursue the bug.
  3. A minimum of one of the following criteria must be applicable:
    1. The purpose of the bug is to introduce a feature that will facilitate or enhance accessibility.
    2. The purpose of the bug is to restore an accessibility feature for which no superior mechanism or replacement exists.
    3. The bug reports a conflict with WCAG, UAAG or ATAG.
    4. The bug impacts one of the TF sub-teams or work topics.
    5. The bug is one that the TF has made a resolution to work on.
    6. The bug has a dependency or is blocked by another bug that the TF has resolved to work on.
    7. The purpose of the bug is to expidite, clarify or assist a TF tracker issue, change proposal or extension specification.

Sub-team keywords

Additional keywords may be assigned to bugs that are associated with specific TF sub-teams or activities. A list of keywords can be found on the Bugzilla keyword descriptions page.