The IndieUI Working Group is no longer chartered to operate. The scope of its work are expected to be taken up in several other Working Groups:

  • Web Platform may develop device-abstracted events similar in scope to IndieUI: Events;
  • CSS may express some of the context properties from IndieUI: User Context as Media Queries;
  • ARIA may build a module of additional context properties from IndieUI: User Context.

Resources from the IndieUI remain available to support long-term institutional memory, but this information is of historical value only.

Simple Browser API Example

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This is a list of actions that can be performed via a browser.

  • Create a browser instance
  • Create a browser window
  • Focus on browser window (Possible actions: focus, blur)
  • Halt document load
  • Reload document
  • Resize browser
  • Resize specified document window to specified dimensions
  • Send key event to browser
  • Send mouse event to browser
  • Send wheel event to browser
  • Send touchscreen input event to browser
  • Send authentication to window
  • Handle (HTML5 DnD) draggable/droppables
  • Confirm or reject security exception (Example: expired SSL certificate)
  • Confirm/reject/dismiss[Esc] Javascript dialog (Examples: alert(), confirm())
  • Send input from Javascript dialog (Example: prompt())
  • Fill in currently focused form element from a temporary IME context
  • Re-arrange order of browser windows (Possible actions: raise [bring specified window to top], lower [bring specified window to the bottom])
    • In window list [A, B, C, D], where A is the top-most window...
    • Raising C will make the window order [C, A, B, D]
    • Lowering C will make the window order [A, B, D, C]
  • Show or hide a browser window
  • Navigate the browser window to a specified URL (Possible actions: navigate, replace [same as location.replace() ])
  • Post with data to a specified URL
  • Go back in history
  • Go forward in history (if there is no future document, determine a potential "next" page and go to that)
  • Traverse n steps in history
  • Pan/scroll the current document
  • Spatially navigate to a adjacent focusable element (Possible directions: up, down, left, right)
  • Logically navigate to a adjacent focusable element (Possible directions: previous, next)
  • Zoom current window to a specified value or direction (Possible actions: set to value, in 10%, out 10%)
  • Start debugger context
  • Search in document for a specified string
    • Traverse search context (Possible directions: previous, next)
    • Reset/free search context
  • Set security exception for a specified browser window
  • Show or hide images in document
  • Start/pause/resume scripting
  • Change or force document encoding to a specified encoding
  • Save webpage from a specified browser window
  • Set text selection in a document
  • Copy/cut/paste text from selection
  • Import/export certificates
  • Manage (i.e. delete) specified cookie item
  • Manage (i.e. delete) specified local storage item
  • Autofill form


This is a very small subset of the platform dependent events.

  • Request platform for file download
  • Request platform for media playback
  • Request platform for default MIME type handler of a (pre-registered) known type