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Title=On Input Textbox

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The comment LC-2492 caused us to review failure F37 and consider adding a case where the input of text into a textbox causes a change of context as an example of the failure at hand. We also considered adding an additional failure for this case, as opposed to amending F37. After reviewing 3.2.2 and F37, there is no question that input of text as a cause of change in context is definitely applicable to 3.2.2, as it is stated explicitly in that success criterion. Additionally, text input is similar to selection of a radio button, checkbox, or select element, and could be easily added to F37. However, intuitively, readers might be more inclined to consider radio, checkbox, and select selection as being distinctly related, and text input to be somewhat different. Therefore, I suggest adding a new failure for text input causing a change in context. The failure would be very similar to F37, except that the example at hand would be text input.