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There was a survey in April WCAG 2.2 success criteria priority calling for volunteers. Here is a copy of that very useful Introduction from that questionnaire:


The AGWG are starting work on the WCAG 2.2 success criteria, and this survey is to establish who can work on which criteria.

We are looking for 2-5 people on each SC, including 1 or 2 subject-matter-experts (e.g. COGA TF members for a COGA SC), and 1-3 people from other TFs or the Working Group. At least one person should be familiar with writing WCAG style SC.

Each small group would work on creating a document that drafts the text, understanding text, and other aspects defined in the Template.

Some time will be given to questions from the groups during AG calls, however, it is expected people primarily work on them outside of AG calls, with ad-hoc calls to understand the user-need and then some asynchronous work.

Please read each items and say whether you would be willing to work on that success criteria. One or two ‘I would like to work on’, and one or two ‘could work on in limited capacity’ is probably a maximum per person.