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Isn't it a bit too prescriptive to rule out situations where the text referenced by aria-labelledby does not include the replaced link text? As long as the short link (with context) and the link text provided via aria-labelledby are functionally equivalent I don't see a problem.

Think about this admittedly clumsy but probably valid example:

(h2) id="headline">(span id="keyword")Storms(/span) hit east coast (h2)

(p)Torrential rain and gale force winds have struck the east coast, causing flooding in many coastal towns.
(a href="news.html" aria-labelledby="more about keyword")Read (span id="more")more(/span) (span class="invisible" id="about")about(/span)(/a)(/p)

...Which should produce the screen reader output "More about storns".

I'm not saying this is better than the self-referencing output "Storms hit east coast, learn more" (although I would prefer it). Without CSS rthere would now be the ugly visible fragment Read more about" but I am sure authors will encounter situations where it is better not to self-reference.

Having said that, I don't mind changing the example in the way proposed (i.e. including a reference to the link).

Detlev Fischer, 11 Jun 2014, 07:35:22

Note 22 and 26 are addressing the same issue, there are comments towards each issue, so I'll leave them both open... but they'll be closed at the same time...

David MacDonald, 29 Jul 2014, 18:51:36

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