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This is a demonstration of using tabindex and accesskey attributes on div tags to achieve navigation of page chunks with keyboard shortcuts. This page is laid out in a 3 cell table fairly common on web sites. There is a navigation bar on the left of the page, an ad at the top, and content in the middle.

Using Microsoft Windows 2000 with the Narrator text reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 I am able to navigate to sections of this page, have the titles of the sections read aloud, and tab from the section to it's subordinate links.

Use the following access keys to navigate this page:
Alt-n for the navigation bar,
Alt-a for the ad
Alt-c for the content
Alt-d to return to these directions


Navigation Link 1
Navigation Link 2
an ad for something you really want


blah blah blah and a link. blah blah blah. blah blah blah and another link.

No tabindex on these links. Are they read before navbaritems? testitem1. We'll include them in some text. testitem2.