WebEx and IRC Setup

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We use both WebEx and IRC for our teleconference meetings. Please make sure you follow these steps for setup options. Contact Shadi Abou-Zahra if you need assistance.


WebEx is an online teleconferencing system. It is easiest to use the plugin, so that you can launch WebEx directly from your web browser. Alternatively you can use a phone to dial-in to the teleconference meeting, or to have it call you back. The WebEx link and phone number are on the Teleconference Logistics page of this wiki.


We use Inter Relay Chat (IRC) to support teleconference meetings, for example to take minutes and to share links during the meetings. You can install an IRC client with more functionality or use the basic W3C web-interface to the IRC server. This sounds more complicated than it is but you will quickly get the hang of it.