WAI Markup Guidelines Working Group charter


* WAI/IPO Markup Guidelines Working Group

The goal of this working group is to produce the official WAI markup
(HTML/CSS/XML) guidelines document, to be used by Web authors and
tools providers alike, to make their sites and products more
accessible using the W3C recommended markup formats.

Code Name: WAI-GL  

* WAI-GL Working group tasks

The working group will work to deliver several documents:

  - "2 page" overview of the importance and major issues around accessibility.
     Working title :  Web Accessibility Overview - Issues and Strategies.

  - More in depth discussion of the access issues of people with
  different disabilities or access problems.  This would include an
  introduction to the different types of disabilities as well as the
  major problems faced by people with those disabilities in accessing
  the web today and tomorrow.  
     Working Title: Understanding Web Access Issues

  - QuickLists that summarize the important issues or guidelines for
  different developer populations.  These would be as short as
  possible, and would have links to more in depth discussions should
  the reader not understand the brief form.  These could be used as
  checklist or as priority reminders.  (It will be difficult to decide
  what does or does not go into these.  Brevity will do battle with a
  desire to get as much info into these as possible due to their
  utility. )
    Working Titles:
                1)  A Web Authors QuickList for Disability Access
                2)  A Quicklist for More Accessible Web Browser Designs
                3)  A Quicklist for More Web Savvy Screen Readers

  - A single (?) document that discusses the access issues and then
  makes recommendations for ways to address them. Since we need to
  make people aware of ESSENTIAL and HELPFUL as well as STABLE or
  TEMPORARY techniques, they all need to be in this document, clearly

* WAI-GL Timeline:

Max ((HTML4, CSS2)recommendation date) + 3 months.

Which should put us around April for WWW7th.

* WAI-GL Communication

A mailing list (w3c-wai-gl@w3.org), a web area
(www.w3.org/WAI/group/GL, and conference calls will be the normal way
of communicating within the group.

* Working Group People

We encourage people whose area of competence are HTML, CSS, and
Accessibility to join this group.

Chuck Letourneau will be the chair of this group, assisted by Gregg
Vanderheiden as Co-chair.

* Participation Level.

Employees of W3C members and other invited technical experts are
welcome and encouraged to participate in our listserv discussions
(auto-subscription is possible)

If you want to join the WAI-GL working group and participate actively,
please fill out the following form and send it to the chairs of the
group, with CC danield@w3.org (WAI Project Manager) and jbrewer@w3.org
(IPO Director).

WAI-GL working group participation form

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