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WCAG 2.0 punch list

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Refer to minutes from 13 June 2005 face-to-face ("Day 1").

Guideline 1.1

Guideline 1.2

Guideline 1.3

Guideline 1.4

Guideline 2.1

not handled

Not resolved L1 SC 1: All functionality of the content can be operated through a keyboard interface except whenA. input is analogue in nature, or B. the input proces inherently depends on visual feedback [group liked the construction with a list of exceptions but did not agree on a list of exceptions. Sent back to group]


Guideline 2.2

Guideline 2.3

Guideline 2.4

not handled


Guideline 2.5

Guideline 3.1

[Not for F2F work groups]

Guideline 3.2

Guideline 4.1

action to propose a Level 1 criterion to address well-formedness.

Guideline 4.2

action to update proposals for guideline 4.2