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  • Primary: individual developers who are already working in the field (as opposed to new students) (which is why the business case is at the end)


  • Briefly introduce key topics and documents, and encourage readers to follow the links to read the docs.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Use wording from approved WAI publications where it works, rather than using lots of new wording on this page. (for consistency and to shortcut additional vetting needed)
  • Get this version done asap and make notes for future revisions.


Major drafts

Suggested edits

Hi everyone, this is Sharron. I would like group feedback here before I add any of this to the wiki. These are notes I made a couple of weeks ago, revised with insights from this last week at AccessU and key messages that seemed to resonate with attendees there. The idea that "The Web is for everyone" could be made more strongly as it is something that this generation is not necessarily aware of as a foundational principle. So I think we can strengthen as follows:

The Web is for all people