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Liaisons with WPDocs, CGs, etc

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Liaisons with Web Platform Docs, Community Groups, and such

Web Platform Docs

Current main accessibility page: Web accessibility basics (developed by EOWG)


General approach is to encourage accessibility to be integrated into main articles, rather than have separate articles on accessibility. (e.g., instead of separate article on accessible forms, accessibility is integrated into main article on forms) We plan to manage this deliberately (which is listed under #Actions for Shawn).

We might also encourage some accessibility-specific articles, mostly that extend WAI material to included things like tool/vendor-specific information. (These are currently listed under #Actions for Shawn.)

Information that might fit well in Web Platform Docs:

  • technical implementation material
  • tool/vendor-specific information
  • ...

Information that should stay in WAI web space:

  • directly related to how people with disabilities use the web, disability definitions, etc.
  • business case
  • ...

There is concern about accessibility-related content added that is not correct, has poor messaging, etc. If there are only a few pages directly on accessibility, Shawn and EOWG can monitor all adds through the Watch feature. #Features below has more on requested functionality to do this more broadly.


  • [in progress] Shawn edit accessibility summary text
  • Shawn develop system suggesting where accessibility should be included in existing articles and ways to encourage the community to do that
  • Shawn find a better way to point to related accessibility info (some stuff dumped under See also at Web accessibility basics for lack of better place to put it)
  • Chris Mills (or set Shawn up to do it) delete several inappropriate accessibility article ideas (as discussed with Shawn)
  • Chris Mills work on #Bugs and #Features
  • Shawn work on new material:
    • Get WAI-ARIA Primer on WPDocs
    • Check on plan for web design, usability, etc material on WPDocs and see how accessibility material integrates
    • Consider adding to WPDocs page for how screen readers work in general, and maybe quirks with specific screen readers
    • Ealuate moving some of the stuff from WAI-Engage to WPDocs (and other stuff planned for there, e.g., contract language)
    • Consider adding to WPDocs page for additional tips & guidance on:
    • Consider adding more pointers from WPDocs to WAI resources, e.g., materials for trainers
    • Consider with Shadi & Bim putting the "application notes" on WPDocs


The following feature would be useful for managing accessibility information:

  • comment bubbles — better tracking, need to be able to get notifications (Chris Mills suggests tying them into the bug tracker)
  • accessibility flags — want one for accessibility issues on the page, and one for accessibility information to be added to the content. Want to have a list of these.
  • accessibility additions — In addition to marking articles where accessibility should be included, be able to provide input on specifically what needs to be added. Maybe Editorial Notes. (should not show in the article) Should show up in flag list (e.g.,
  • monitoring — Need to be able to monitor new pages and new content related to accessibility - need notification of changes. Can we have Watch flags for specific terms (accessibility, WCAG, etc.)?


  • logo hidden when zoom
  • color contrast insufficient

Community Groups

WAI continues to develop more effective ways to liaison with Community Groups.

PFWG currently monitors new Community Groups and seeks accessibility liaisons with relevant Community Groups.

EOWG continues to consider how to encourage the WAI-Engage Community Group. We are re-thinking this in relationship to Web Platform Docs.