Script 1: Video Captions

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Use the increased use of videos as an argument to highlight the relevance of this topic. Emphasize that video content can be beneficial to accessibility, when it is implemented correctly. Explain the need for captioning for people with hearing impairments. Describe the complementary benefits for others, especially for people with lower language skills, people in loud environments, people is silent environments, and for privacy.

Sequence Time Elapsed Time Narration Visuals Audio Description
1 0:07 0:07 Video isn’t just about pictures - it’s also about sound. If I stopped talking now you’d have to guess what this film is about Show someone sat on the sofa looking at a tablet.
2 0:06 0:13 NO SPEECH FOR A MOMENT We see this scene on their tablet:
Two people talk animatedly. it’s incredibly animated and looks serious
3 0:04 0:17 Frustrating isn’t it? Not knowing what’s going on It looks like they are shouting because of their body language, but actually it is a happy verbal exchange
4 0:04 0:21 And that can be the situation for anyone who can’t hear the audio Cut person from scene 1: Turns out they have a hearing aid.
5 0:05 0:26 Captions make videos usable without audio The person with the hearing aid switches on the captions option on their tablet – captions come on on the video. The characters in the video are hugging and everything’s fine
6 0:06 0:32 Which is also handy for people who need to watch video in loud environments… Cut to a young person watching a captioned video in what appears to be a bar – there’s a noisy bunch chatting away next to them.
7 0:03 0:35 Or where you need to be very, very quiet Pull out to reveal it’s actually a library – somebody hushes the group and they look sheepish
8 0:15 0:50 There are lots of reasons why people might need captions – so for content to be available to more people in more places there’s a solution –add captions! Visit for more tips and information
The screen divides into a lot of different videos, and one by one we see captions come on on them