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WAI Site Design: Prototype Records

Version: on-going notes pages
Note: This Web page is a working draft and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances.

pages that require manual updating:

  1. template4
  2. home page (ut3/Overview.html)
  3. Site Map
  4. Help with WAI Site
  5. WAI Translations
  6. About RSS
  7. WAI Site Search (/WAI/search)
  8. Change text: (changedesign.html)
  9. Resources (/Resources/Overview)
  10. placeholder.html
  11. redesign/ pages
  12. [until script does it: 3 FAQ pages]
  13. Past WAI Highlights (highlights/archive.html)


pages in new design, but not in nav

changes, HTML

changes, CSS


removed comment from home page: A bug in WinIE6 seems to have the effect that the text after a series of floats is pushed down to be at the same height or lower than the top of the first float in that series. Without this dummy float here, the first float would be the #announce block below, which floats to under the #what block. But now that this dummy float is here, the next text in the main flow will be pushed down only by this dummy, which means not pushed down at all...

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