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EOWG Meeting 28 September 2001



Outdate Updates

WL: article in Wired mentioning WAI folks, particularly Gregory Rosmaita, Kynn Bartlett, and David Poehlman.


HB: Digital Talking Book work document out by 2001-09-30, will send pointer next week.

Getting Started: Making a Web Site Accessible



HB: What does [list and link languages] mean at the front of the document?

JB: For documents where we have translations, list at the start which languages it is available in. The WAI Resources page indicated languages (after ordering and translations), quick tips. Off-page links to where translations exist, and also at top of page to where translations are. See link at top right list to W3C Translations. This is a proposed addition to the block of nav links, to use on every page (whether or not a particular document is translated.)

JB: Check the translations.

Document Content

CL: Like the new version. It is easy to understand. Some of the key concepts seem redundant to the linked titles.

WL: Page is spectacular. It is candidate to replace WAI homepage. It is a marvelous lead-in to what WAI is about.

MRK: Lots of material. Missing is link to techniques. Wish it had some critiques. Seems too much for newcomers.

SD: This document shows relations among documents. Add a bit of context.

HBj: Link to checklist in Curriculum, to sequencing in checklist to where it is described.

CL: Concern: revising curriculum, which now diverges from some of the techniques in the real document.

WL: Need to keep "mining" among the pages for consistent info. Consider headings early on "quick review" to find out about own practice.

JB: Shuffleboard rearrangement. Move overview lower. Move quick review into section: What makes a Web site accessible.

CL: Add link to WAI Web Content Accessibility Curriculum.

JB: Move Online Overview down, Preliminary evaluation to bottom of first section (Why...). Take example index from Curriculum to under quicktips.

CL: Like translations notes.

General consensus: include wherever any are available.

WL: Recommend to W3C, a standard navblock? Would like in W3C to standardize web pages, at least to include the translation notion. Help show compliance with WWW goals.

JB: How hard to translate at least the document names, and the prefix descriptions for the links. Not necessarily translate the English titles. Translate whatever isn't translated, so keep English titles.

HBj: Mixed Danish spelling with English.

JB: If no translations available, would remove first phrase about availability in other languages, until at least another were available.

SD: Easy to do.

HBj: Take a few hours. Have a workshop Tuesday morning, use there after translated version. Will get feedback on it from participants.

JB: To send updates before Saturday night, to HBj and SD. Add placeholder for Danish and French translations.

JB: Could use "Nederlands" or "Dutch" in English. List in the language of the translations. Problem for Japanese, if no character set available. So, put in both English and that other set.

WL: Must list alternative languages in those languages.

CV: Use ISO code for language as abbreviation.

HB: Need to differentiate "en-US" or "en-GR"?

WL: Initial introduction to resources for those who are new to Web accessibility.

JB: Initial introduction to resources for people new to Web accessibility.

WL: Put quick review first under Evaluating. Move Evaluating before What makes a Website accessible.

MRK: Lots to read before doing anything.

JB: Consider that WAVE is puzzling.

WL: Bobby is still closest to what we need.

HB: Keep order of major headings.

SD: [leave call 9:56]

CV: [duplicate anchors and 5 missing anchors, will finish the checking. JB to find and fix.]

HB: Make sure that WCAG is mentioned, it is marked as an acronym (WCAG).

JB: Remove WCAG guidelines.

CL: Concern for differentiation: W3C WAI staff, vs. WAI IG.

JB: Add section on mailing lists for technical support. Add this in on the WAI contacts page. That page is long.

JB: Point to something off-page to technical questions. Need a subsection on a WAI contacts page providing more detail on how to get tech help.

WL: Fold technical questions into Additional resources.

JB: This is a direct implementation of last meeting comments.

WL: Avoid mention of archive threads. It is a major undertaking.

HB: Archives organized by date, though can search by thread.

DS: Useful as they are.

WL: OK if last place to point persons. It is a jungle.

JB: CMN is prime staff person that answers questions. Wishes a publicly developed list of Q-A.

WL: Most help support function. Most companies point to FAQ. There is no IG FAQ. Currently point to some FAQ, if unanswered use email for new question.

JB: A publicly available filtered question set with definitive answers from staff. That could then make FAQ index. It might be available in two weeks. Could add an off-page explanation, and link to it. The domain staff has been requesting different versions of this. That may be controlled.

WL: Put Technical questions under Additional resources, would link to this, and drop that current section.

JB: Logos reference to that page (which needs updating)

HB: That page has no conformance level indicated.

CL: Add link to policy page.

JB: Last section: guidelines and technical questions. Seven.

WL: Guidelines, tech assistance, and WAI online overview.

HB: Add WAI Resources.

JB: Keep WAI Online Overview.

WL: Replicate upper right menu at the bottom?

JB: WAI Resources as best detailed explanations.

JB: The W3C Search engine is broken. If it weren't fixed,

WL: Google works better than anything else that W3C has.

JB: Will make changes for Saturday night. Put placeholder for Danish and French versions. Will publish it in place.

HBj: Will have problem with downloading stylesheets.

JB: Need spans with language codes around other languages so that we can recognize them.

Future EOWG Meetings

JB: No EOWG Face-to-face in October in DC.

JB: Next EOWG Wednesday meeting canceled for Oct 3, as three or four regrets. Next such meeting is proposed for Oct 24.

JB: Next EOWG phone meeting Oct 5.

HB: [addendum] Virtual F2F may well become more important: See WL submission:


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