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EOWG Minutes, July 21, 2000



KA: New policy has been formally transmitted to the Connecticut CIO, who will be first speaker at the kickoff meeting next week. Other speakers include Nancy Wyman, State Controller, Donna Bolasky Deputy Executive Director for the Blind, Chuck Latourneau, Starling Research.

JB: Outreach next Tuesday. JB, WGBH, Trace involved.

CL: Government of Canada's policy on accessibility to be made public in the next 30 days. Will post URL.

JB: Next Wednesday is 10th anniversary of US Americans with Disabilities Act ADA.

KA: The Carnivore email monitoring program may be installed in ISPs for the FBI at their request. ACLU protests: See,1151,16877,00.html.

WL: How about accessibility aspects of XML? DD and HB?

DD: See the XML Accessibility Guidelines document, drafted for WAI Protocols and Formats group 2000-02-17. URL: This work addresses XML applications markup that is intended to deliver content to end users.

HB: It does not address other kinds of XML applications. A concern is for the XML applications that do not directly deliver results to end user. They need to include means to provide the accessibility info (such as alt="description" on images, or use object-hierarchy) in the databases so the accessibility info will be available for the other applications that extract from them to deliver it to end users.

CV: Some applications using XML will convert it using XSLT to XHTML.

DD: Examining XSLT, not XSL formatting.

CV: Concern for ways to get WAI guidelines for transformation.

DD: Issue raised on formatting object part, in PF. Different way to do styling than CSS. XSL working group may consider. In dialog with XSL working group.

JB: This needs more Protocols and Formats group coordination.

JB: What are our EO objectives for XML 2000? HB and DD should talk.

HB: For conference info see

WL: How can we apply quick tips to XML? Should we generalize it?

JB: Appreciate that we have only a single card, and would rather not confuse the issue that the tips are principally for HTML.

JB: Next piece of literature for distribution will be a new WAI flyer.

WL: For December, do some new handout. XML is going to be a big hit.

JB: Will the DD finished XML accessibility note be good basis?

DD: yes.

KA: Good to have information in multiple formats. A card may well be useful.

JB: Another useful format: Presentation slides. Can they be geared for follow-up, standalone use?

HB: May need additional linking not used in presentation.

DD: Have some online slides.

HB: [One set is what DD presented at CSUN last spring:

JB: Do overview presentation and point to those on-line presentations.

Next Face-to-Face Meeting

CL: Followup -- spoke to Mary Francis Lawton about possible Ottawa EO meeting. She is in support of it. Government of Canada will sponsor. Dates: Thurs Fri Oct 5 and 6.

CB: Who can attend then and there: HB, KA, MK, LC, HBj, CL, SS.
Who is uncertain: WL? (better if 2 WG meet at one place in sequence), GL?, [JB didn't say.]
Who cannot: CV

CL: There is a Technology and Government conference concurrently in Ottawa the first week in October: See .

JB: Propose alternatives in Europe. [HB: See email from HBj]

Training Pages

JB: Both WL version and JB verions have updates.

HB: [ed. We did not discuss WL version starting at today.]

JB: Starts at Many internal links are broken now. Reduced list of learning objectives. Trying to simplify. Will make changes as we discuss issues.

Top page:

JB: Good start to align top-page bullets, as second-level contents.

HBj: Learning objectives and trainer perspectives need to be kept distinct.

JB: May be too much content for one page.

WL: In his version, page heading nomenclature is Who, What (1), What (2), How

JB: In JB version, both pages 2 and 3 deal with how.

GL: Page 2 seems to be a how on viewing own pages. Page 3 what others have done in the past. review and classical. "Review" in 3 is important and should remain. Options in 2 coupled from history in 3.

JB: Second page title, "Approaches for Web Accessibility Training."

GL: Methods or Strategies are alternative titles. Not sure that the current material are so.

JB: Retitled first page "How to Plan a Web Accessibility Training"

JB: Nav bar go to other pages directly. Other links within items link into other pages.

JB: Plan to reduce the approaches page drastically.

JB: Resources is at end, as helps put session together after doing other steps.

JB: Establish potential learning objectives with training host. Learning Objectives page: title reminds where you are? Establish potential learning objectives... now is outline for next page.

CL: Many will be starting fresh. This would be the start for new trainers.

JB: This makes preparation more efficient.

WL: This looks like a "pilot's preflight checkoff list".

HB: Add to questions: "Can audience have pre-requisite reading?"
"Can the participants be on-line?"

HBj: Leaving for four-week vacation.

WL: Follow-up action for trainers: Recruit attendees for WAI-IG list.

MK: Add way to assess what you have learned.

MK: Objectives don't look like objectives.

KA: Should revise wording about objectives to add verbs. Learn how ... etc,

WL: Would this document benefit from a tree structure: if your objective is ... then ...

SS: Non-parallel structures of page may suggest separation.

JB: First 3 (Understanding) differ from last 5 (How to).

KA: Methods and Strategies are alternative conceptual names

SS: ACTION: identify icons: discuss, demo, exercise

JB: Add key at top on icons. Could also differentiate by expectation of audience: novice, difficult

LC: basic, intermediate, advanced skill levels.

JB: Concern for amount of back and forth navigation needed by current design.

HB: Could split page by "Understanding" and by "How to"

HB: Could use set of icons on more general topic to get different levels of use.

LC: Tie into people's prior knowledge: ask participants about their awareness of accessibility.

JB: Another issue: How order listings: in usage order, or unordered?

HB: Order generally introductory and advanced in each section.

LC: Distributed knowledge here in the group. How can participants collaborate (exercises, summarize WCAG checkpoints). Have participants redesign a website together.

JB: Will be reworking this page Add collaborative issues.

HB: Single training session vs. multiple sessions? homework?

Training perspectives

JB: Would like CL to do a trainer perspective. JF too. Will send out a sample.

SS: volunteers for a sample: smaller pieces, half-hour session.

HB: Distance learning is a possibility for training.

JB: Ask Norm Coombs/Dick Banks to provide distance learning perspective from EASI.

JB: Please check out the current version, as it has had significant updating during this meeting:

Next meetings

August 4 8:30 a.m. EST +1-617-252-1038
August 18(?) or move to 25(?)

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