Edit ISSUE-98: What should user agents do when required child / parent role relationships not observed?





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User agents shouldn't do anything special. A validation tool can flag this as an error.

Andi Snow-Weaver, 1 Oct 2009, 21:05:46

Text in the UAIG at the beginning of the Author Errors section addresses this issue:

In general, user agents do not do much validation of WAI-ARIA properties. Some minor validation MAY occur on request, such as making sure valid IDs are specified for WAI-ARIA relations, and enforcing things like aria-posinset being within 1 and aria-setsize, inclusive. User agents are not responsible for logical validation, such as the following:

4. Elements that do not correctly observe required child / parent role relationships or that appear elsewhere than in their required parent.

Andi Snow-Weaver, 9 Feb 2010, 17:14:59

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