Edit ISSUE-708: The phrase "If not already excluded from the accessibility tree per the rules above" implies that the listed conditions do not override. Is that correct?





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I read through this more closely, and I now think this wording is correct. Even if it is focusable, etc., an element that is display:none or role=presentation must not be included in the tree. Display:none is used to remove markup that is not part of the current state of the page. role=presenation is intended to remove the semantics of the element.

Cynthia Shelly, 22 Jun 2015, 23:44:09

I agree with you about display:none. The same can be said about CSS visibility:hidden, and html5's @hidden.

Nowever, if an author puts a @tabindex on a element with role="presenatation", that element will be focusable, and will generate focus events in both the DOM and the AAPI. If the author goes further, and adds an @onclick handler, the element will react to mouse clicks:
<span role="presentation" tabindex="0" onclick="alert('hi!')> ...

I think that element should be exposed in the a11y tree.

The same cannot be said about display:none and visibility:hidden. Even if @tabindex or @onclick is added, there is nothing rendered visually to place focus upon, nor to accept mouse clicks. In a sense, the CSS wins over @tabindex and @onclick in these cases:
<span style="display:none" tabindex="0" onclick="alert('hi!')>

So: the re-wording I'm suggesting has to take all these cases into account.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 6 Jul 2015, 18:39:27

Regarding my last comment, here is a test file that shows what happens with an element that has tabdinex="0" and one of:
1. display:none
2. visibility:hidden
3. role="presentation"

The first two are not focusable. That third one is.


Joseph Scheuhammer, 7 Jul 2015, 18:00:32

Closing, as all associated actions are closed.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 3 Apr 2017, 18:52:37

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