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What is the consensus on this? Should browsers proceed with implementation?

David Bolter, 7 Apr 2010, 19:12:32

No consensus yet. ARIA 1.0 issues are more pressing.

James Craig, 20 Apr 2011, 21:42:30

F2F: also consider "aria-describedat" for @longdesc?

James Craig, 6 May 2011, 22:25:54

The @longdesc suggestion was resolved in ACTION-1250, so updating the title of this Issue to only reflect the string value request re: @aria-description.

James Craig, 17 Sep 2013, 01:24:05

Related to ISSUE-406

James Craig, 23 Jan 2014, 20:03:26

Some of the discussion from today's ARIA call was that there was not good support for this in APIs today. For example, UIA used to have a description field, but Cynthia said it was removed due to misuse. The AX API has AXHelp (similar to tooltip text) but no extended description. ARIA already has aria-describedby, which is a relationship pointer to a rendered element. Adding a string @aria-description might be misleading because the APIs and existing AT can't utilize this information, plus the use case is already covered by other features.

James Craig, 17 Feb 2014, 22:25:02

won't fix

Richard Schwerdtfeger, 23 Sep 2016, 14:17:21

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