Edit ISSUE-406: Proposal for new aria-hint property. (Previously proposed as @aria-help)





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Adding to ARIA 1.1 to consider with ISSUE-411

James Craig, 23 Jan 2014, 19:38:58

Stefan mentioned that we should also consider and aria-keyhelp property:


Richard Schwerdtfeger, 3 Feb 2014, 14:33:31

I'm not entirely opposed to a special property for instructions, but it should not be called "keyhelp" because that would not apply to systems that could be used without a keyboard. aria-instructions maybe?

James Craig, 3 Feb 2014, 15:35:19

Closed with the creation of action 1390:


Richard Schwerdtfeger, 2 Jul 2014, 13:20:15

[MichaelC]: consider whether this feature can also address the use case raised by issue-631

15 Sep 2014, 18:07:19


James Nurthen, 7 May 2018, 18:21:42

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