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A proposal for addressing issue 1028 is now in the action2069-separator branch at:

In this branch:
* Separator is no longer described as moveable or interactive.
* aria-expanded is removed from the separator role.
* A sentence in the separator description refers the reader to the new splitter role if the user wishes to make an interactive separator.
* There is a first draft of a new splitter role.

Matthew King, 18 May 2016, 23:10:01

Revised the proposal based on May 19 meeting.

The proposal is now largely editorial clarification with the addition of normative language for authors. It maintains the ARIA 1.0 idea that a separator can be either a horizontal rule or an interactive window splitter, but it adds language that explains how that can be done in a way that will result in appropriate assistive technology behaviors.

In branch action2069-separator:
* added text explaining the two types of separators: structures and widgets.
* Separator is now described as a structure if it is not focusable.
* Add a normative statement explaining that authors MAY make a separator focusable and that if they do, it will be recognized by assistive technologies as an interactive widget.
* Added normative statement saying authors MAY use aria-expanded to describe the state of a separator.
* Added normative statement saying authors MAY use aria-valuenow to describe the state of a variable separator widget.
* added text describing an example of a variable separator.
* Added widget as a superclass (consistent with what was implied in ARIA 1.0).
* Added statement that aria-expanded is supported only if the separator is focusable (consistent with ARIA 1.0).
* Listed aria-valuenow, aria-valuemin, and aria-valuemax as supported properties for variable separator widgets (new for ARIA 1.1).

RawGit view of proposal: http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/action2069-separator/aria/aria.html#separator

Matthew King, 22 May 2016, 05:39:58

Merged into master: https://github.com/w3c/aria/commit/c2556a3

Setting state to CLOSED.

Joanmarie Diggs, 24 Jun 2016, 18:13:33

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