Edit ACTION-1718: Check that the UIA mappings for aria-checked are correct for radio buttons and menuitem radio buttons.




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For checkboxes and checkboxmenuitems, current mapping is correct
For radio buttons and radio button menu items:
Implement Toggle and SelectionItem patterns
Toggle.ToggleState = On (1)
SelectionItem.IsSelected = True

Implement Toggle and SelectionItem patterns
Toggle.ToggleState = Off (0)
SelectionItem.IsSelected = False

mixed: treat as false

not mapped

Cynthia Shelly, 2 Feb 2016, 18:57:54

Modified UIA mappings of radio and menuitemradio based on Cynthia's 02-Feb-2016 note, with one exception. The document specifies in other places that when aria-checked is undefined on a radio or menuitemradio, it is to be treated as "false". Cynthia has it as "not mapped". I didn't use Cynthia's suggestion.

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Joseph Scheuhammer, 11 Mar 2016, 16:53:19

Latest editor's draft:

Radio button:

Menuitem radio button:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 18 Apr 2016, 17:47:26

Closing as confirmed by Cynthia at AAPI meeting.

Joseph Scheuhammer, 19 Apr 2016, 19:14:29

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